About Us

Learn More About Real Shark Teeth Necklaces

Before you sink your teeth into some of our custom handmade jewelry, allow us to introduce ourselves. Originating in Sarasota, FL, Real Shark Teeth Necklaces has over 30 years of experience. We are family-owned and operated business. What once started as a wholesale is now available online for retail sales!

Not only do we sell our shark teeth necklaces wholesale, but we’re ready to share our products with the world. Each necklace is custom-made and no two sharks teeth are alike. Ranging from Mako to Sand Tiger, our selection is pretty jaw-some, so chews wisely. 

All necklaces are made by my parents who produce the necklaces from start to finish. My father is the shark tooth junky who just loves shark teeth while my mother is the brains behind our necklace designs. 

All of our real shark teeth jewelry are found by professional divers and diggers throughout the united states. All teeth are sustainably sourced and not taken from live sharks. These teeth are authentic and fossilized—so keep in mind, no two teeth are ever the same.

Contact us if you are interested in wholesale prices. We also have large shark teeth for sale ranging from 2 inches to 6 inches.