Gemstone Inlayed Shark Teeth Necklaces

Our gemstone inlayed shark teeth product line was introduced earlier this year and have already sold 4 batches and our 5th batch is selling quick. These teeth are unique because of the inlayed gemstones. These take some time to inlay gemstones, shape and finish. The craftmanship behind these is incredible. 

The inlayed shark teeth highlight the tooth imperfections showing just how fragile fossils are. These inlays are meant to take something that is damaged and turning them into beautiful pendants that you can either wear or just collect. 

Many collectors and sellers/buyers have your normal fossilized shark teeth but we wanted to change it up by adding another natural stone produced by earth. Both sharks and gemstones are beautiful and many people collect them for symbolic purposes. People wear shark teeth jewelry for protection from the seas. 

Express yourself with our unique inlayed gemstone shark teeth. You will stand out from the crowd. Check out our inventory here