5 Fun Facts about Sharks Teeth

Here are Real Shark Tooth Necklaces we love sharks and shark teeth! Since we love our sharks, we have a large selection of shark tooth necklaces available. Don’t worry, we only have fossilized shark teeth that are millions of years old!

Here are some interesting facts about shark teeth that you may have not known.

  1. Sharks produce new teeth throughout their entire lifetime. On average sharks can produce up to 20,000 teeth in their lifetime replacing their lost teeth. Over time when a shark loses its teeth, smaller teeth in the back move up and grow. This is why, there are so many sharks’ teeth in the oceans, rivers and land! Imagine if humans were able to produce teeth, say goodbye to dentist!
  2. Speaking of dentist, sharks don’t have to worry about them. Their teeth never get cavities because the outside of their teeth is made of fluoride. This is what you find in regular toothpaste and even at the dentist.
  3. Fossilized shark teeth are never white. When their teeth fell to the bottom of the ocean, the teeth were covered by sand. The minerals absorbed by the teeth resulting in dark colored teeth. You typically can find black, brown and grayish teeth most of the time. Some teeth even have several colors due to the sand they were exposed to over thousands and millions of years!
  4. Both of sharks jaws move unlike most animals on earth. Since both jaws move, to top jaw rests below its skull which can detach when attacking its prey! With this ability, sharks can thrusts their mouth forward, which is crazy!
  5. Sharks teeth vary in size depending on their diets. Some sharks eat their prey while some use their teeth as filters. This is why you see some teeth wide while others are narrow.
    1. Here are the types of teeth:
      1. Long and narrow.
      2. Plate-like teeth
      3. Sharp and serrated teeth.
      4. Small teeth.

We hope you enjoyed those 5 fun facts about sharks teeth. Check out our shark tooth necklace collection. Children and adult necklaces available.